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Mark Farbman

Since 1994, Mark Farbman has been protecting the rights of citizens just like you. Having attended high school in Charlotte, NC and earning two college degrees from North Carolina State University, Mark went on to obtain his J.D. law degree from Tulane University. Mark began to focus his legal practice on Personal Injury/Accident Remediation cases because he has a passion for “equal justice under the law.” Big corporations and insurance companies have attorneys defending and advocating for their interest. Mark believes you should have the same kind of legal leverage in pursuing your interests. In December 2023, Dr. Mark Farbman received a Ph.D. in the field of Textile Technology and Management from North Carolina State University. The doctoral dissertation is entitled “Inventing The Unified Publicity Rights” is a scholarly and authoritative publication in the field of Rights of Publicity. Dr. Mark Farbman, Ph.D. is adding to his legal services by currently establishing himself as an expert and consultant in Trademark, Copyright, and Right of Publicity’s name, image and likeness (“NIL”) for product endorsement deals and related litigation concerning college athletes and celebrities of movie and television. Dr. Mark Farbman, PhD. teaches classes (CLE) in the legal fields of NIL and rights of publicity for the Beverly Hills Bar Association to educate the Los Angeles entertainment lawyers bar who represent either movie/television/steaming studios, actors and actresses, production companies, or directors.

Mark has been a father for over 24 years with two adult children. He is active in his community and believes in speaking out on important issues.

Most important, Mark Farbman believes in his clients and treats everyone with the respect and dignity they are entitled to as citizens and human beings.

These are the concepts that shape our distinctive culture & differentiate us from others. They capture the unique spirit of our Firm guide the behaviors that enable us to deliver on the promises we make to our clients and our people.

Attorney Mark Farbman

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