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“Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman has the legal experience. He has a passion for defending those who have suffered injuries due to the negligence or carelessness of others, whether those others are individuals or companies. ”


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Have you had an accident? Have you suffered an injury? Do you have a workman’s compensation claim? Are you having problems getting an insurance company to pay your medical bills? Are you faced with car repairs? Is your car totaled? Do you need a rental car?

If you’re facing any of these questions, we’re here to help. We understand how powerless you can feel dealing with big insurance companies and corporations. Mark Farbman provides you with the legal power you need – the “clout” – to help you get the compensation you are entitled to in order to get your life back. So, before you do another thing, learn how we can help you.

Your first consultation with Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman is FREE. There’s no charge to come in and discuss your claim with us. Most importantly, you can see if you are comfortable working with us. Frankly, our clients – people just like you – find us very easy to work with. Why? Because we approach each case not simply as a “lawyer-client transaction”, but as a personal partnership to achieve a fair and just result for you. Isn’t it reassuring to know that you are working with people who are interested in you… not just your case file.
As a personal injury law firm, we have handled over three thousand personal injury cases successfully, in which our clients have received the compensation needed to get on with their lives. In fact, most of the time our clients never even go to court to recover their claims.



Our firm has handled significant personal
injury claims since its inception.

As a Charlotte personal injury law firm, we have handled over three thousand personal injury cases successfully, in which our clients have received the compensation needed to get on with their lives. In fact, most of the time our clients never even go to court to recover their claims.

It is important to remember that a lawyer is an Officer of the Court. So you have on your side a representative of America’s legal system with the authority and experience to argue forcefully on your behalf.

We work hard to win for you the money you deserve for your injuries. We negotiate with adjusters and go to trial if necessary. We can find the right medical doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist for you. We help you get your car repaired and arrange for a car rental. We help relieve your pain, your frustration, and your anxieties about the whole process of reclaiming a normal life after an accident.

Once you decide to use the Lawyer Power® Mark Farbman, P. A. law firm, we start working on your personal injury claim immediately based on a contingency fee. That means we only get paid when you recover money. And, our fee comes out of that settlement amount…not your pocket. This approach is very important for you. Since we don’t get paid unless you get paid, we are committed to your success. And… we handle your property damage claim free of charge. It’s all part of our service.

Right from the start, our focus is on you. Your claim. Your interests. Your rights. Every member of our staff never loses sight of the fact that we are working to help you recover your life. So, we always treat you with the dignity and respect you expect.

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Very professional personal injury law firm. They help me fight against the insurance company. I got a great settlement for my injury case. I definitely come back when ever I need help in an auto accident.

I had a really good experience with Mark and his staff. When I got into my accident last year I received a ton of mail from different attorneys but I decided to go with Mark and I’m glad I did. I felt that he and his staff did a great job of explaining things and I feel that they did their best to get me the most Fair offer possible. No one likes being involved in car accidents but if you happen to get into one I would definitely recommend calling Mark.

Mark Farbman and his staff were a pleasure to work with. He made an awful situation palatable with his prompt response time, dedication to our case and explanation of the process/outcome. I would hope to not have the misfortune of needing his services in the future, but I will certainly recommend his office to anyone that is in need of similar representation.

For all the terrible things that can happen to you during an accident, having to go through legal issues should not have to be part two of the trauma. Mark kept it lively, made you feel confident of your outcome and in my case, uplifting.

Great lawyer! Had a difficult time with Progressive Insurance adjuster handing my property damage and personal injury claims. So I had Mark Farbman represent me. Strong move. He made sure my vehicle claim was handled correctly. Then he found an excellent doctor to treat my injuries. Mark Farbman then handled my injury claim. He got me an excellent money settlement. Please let Mark Farbman represent you.