How Our Charlotte Personal Injury Law Office Can Help You

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What Do You Do Now
First…arrange your first consultation Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman. at your home, business, hospital or our office. This consultation is FREE! There’s no charge to discuss your claim with us. We want to make sure you are comfortable working with us as your personal injury and accident law firm. Of course, you’ll see that we’re very easy to work with. For us, you’re a very important person looking for a just and fair settlement of your claim.

Second… perhaps you should not accept the insurance company’s initial settlement offer. A truly “fair and just result,” can typically mean more money for your personal injury claim. You should have a lawyer on your side to fight for you.

What To Know About Insurance Companies

Yes, you paid your premiums to the insurance company expecting their help with your claim and your pain. But, despite your good faith payments, can you expect insurance adjusters to look out for your interests? Remember, the adjuster works for the insurance company. The less money they give out for claims, the more money their company keeps.

What To Expect With Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman

With an attorney such as Mark Farbman on your side, you have something you don’t have as an individual. Clout! You see, a lawyer is an Officer of the Court. This means that you now have on your side a representative of America’s legal system with the authority and experience to argue on your behalf.

So, why should you use Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman

Mark Farbman has the legal experience. He has a passion for defending those who have suffered injuries due to the negligence or carelessness of others, whether those others are individuals or companies.

As a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, Mark Farbman can advise you of how the law applies to your situation. He and his staff will gather the important facts related to your claim that are needed to hold the responsible party legally accountable. Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman. stays on top of all the critical deadlines for taking action in order to preserve your rights to compensation. He is highly skilled in negotiating with opposing insurance adjusters and lawyers throughout the negotiation and settlement process by representing your best interests.

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