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Motor Vehicle Accidents involving Cars, Trucks, and Motorcycles are unfortunately a daily occurrence. They are caused by failure of drivers to follow traffic safety rules, by everything from excessive speeding, reckless driving, improper turns, distractions such as cell phone use and text messaging to the possible influence of alcohol or drugs.

If you or a member of your family is injured in a motor vehicle accident resulting from the negligence of another, Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman can help you. Based in Charlotte, our expert Auto Accident Lawyer team will work hard to get compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, physical impairment and pain and suffering.

Car Accident Attorney

Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman handles injury claims for people hurt in car accidents. We always advise our clients never to sign anything before talking with an experienced personal injury lawyer, like Mark Farbman. He will act for you, rather than for an adjuster who is hired by the insurance company and whose job it is to limit your compensation. Like other motor vehicle accidents, car wrecks can produce serious or even catastrophic injuries, such as head and traumatic brain injuries (TBI), back and neck injuries, broken bones, paralysis, organ damage, and amputation.

Injured persons can be legally entitled to compensation for injury-related expenses such as medical bills, lost income, the cost of rehabilitation, permanent injuries, and physical pain and emotional suffering. For over 29 years, Mark Farbman, personal injury and auto accident lawyer, has been successful in obtaining full and fair compensation for people just like you for their physical injuries, as well as for their past, present and future economic losses.

Motorcycle Accidents Attorney

Unfortunately, drivers do not respect the vulnerability of motorcyclists, nor do they understand the difference in braking distances and handling between a motorcycle and a car. As a result, motorcyclists can find themselves injured in an accident that was the result of the negligence or carelessness of drivers of cars and trucks. Drivers of cars and trucks often fail to see motorcycles. And, it has been said, many car or truck drivers, eyewitnesses to a crash, and investigating law enforcement officers can exhibit prejudice or bias against motorcycle riders who are involved in crashes. You need Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman on your side to fight for your rights, to thoroughly investigate the crash, interview witnesses and talk to police officers to develop a true account of the “motorcycle accident. This will help you get your just compensation for your personal injury and property damage claims. For your personal injury claim this may include the medical bills, pain and suffering damages, and loss wages. For your property claim this should include the motorcycle damages and loss of use of your motorcycle.”

Truck Accident Attorney

Lawyer Power® Office of Mark Farbman represents people injured in truck accidents. Often these cases involve not just the truck driver’s negligence, but also the agency liability of the trucking company. In cases like this, you need the help of a lawyer on your side to represent you for the truck crash. When you are hurt by semi-trailers, dump trucks, pickup trucks, delivery vans, flatbed trucks, and other types of commercial vehicles, Our auto accident lawyer team will help you pursue just compensation.

Children Injuries Attorney

Are you the parent, guardian or concerned family member of a child who has been injured in a car accident, school bus accident, pedestrian accident, bicycle accident or truck accident, crash or collision in North Carolina? If so, there are several things you will want and need to know in order to help that injured child and protect his or her legal rights. If a driver of a car, bus or truck was at fault, was negligent and injured a child, or caused his or her death, in an accident, crash or collision you should act immediately and hire an experienced attorney who you can trust to represent the injured child and protect his or her rights.

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